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We provide solutions by leveraging on the emerging Mobile Technologies, Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems GIS.


Education and intelligence Of immense and current relevance is the fact that the company has identified a gap in the education sector and is championing the use of Geo-spatial/GIS technology


Our training packages are designed to equip participants with innovative GIS tools for competitive advantage for data collection, analysis and decision support.


GIS Konsult Ltd. is an ESRI business partner and reseller of Esri's GIS mapping software products for building and deploying a complete GIS wherever it is needed

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GeoHackaton Series 2
Winners, July 2019

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Geography Green School

Geography Green School

Geography Green School Series 2
Winners, February 2019

Client Reviews

While at GIS Konsult, I was trained to be creative and innovative. i took practical classes in remote sensing and photogeology. I stand out as the only person with digital cartography skills in my department. I had a very pleasant learning experience at GISK and i can boldly say that everything is spatial.... and indeed within your reach.
Lecturer, University Of Calabar
My time at GIS Konsult was a great eye opener. I was introduced to the computer world and GIS. I discovered new possibilities and techniques for solving complex spatial problems. This experience at GIS Academy was the spur to an award winning final year essay, a full scholarship for a masters program in california and jobs at ESRI, Telenav and Apple the top tech companies in the silicon valley.
PhD University of California
As a police chief, I learnt to use GIS to map, analyse and manage my divisional police operations at GIS Academy. After this training, my command was required to produce maps that show security hot spots and point of interest. With support from GIS Konsult, we produced detailed maps. we received national recognition as the police command with the best maps
Chief Police Officer

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