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everything is spatial and connected...

From Our CEO

Our ultimate vision is to be the leading company in the delivery of geo-spatial solutions in Africa.

Our mission is to leverage on the strength of accurate spatial databases, our creative ingenuity and the immense capabilities of the Geographic Information Systems for sustainable development. We believe that everything is spatial and so we connect the dots.

Our Business

Registered since August 2004, GIS Konsult Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary firm that offers simple solutions to everyday complex spatial problems. We leverage on the cutting edge capabilities of the Geographic Information System GIS and emerging mobile technologies. GIS Konsult has expanded its growing global profile and business partnerships to enhance its consulting services and its nationwide educational initiatives. 
GIS Konsult is an ESRI business partner. The Environment Systems Research Institute ESRI is the largest GIS software developer in the world. On any given day, more than a million people around the world use ESRI’s GIS to improve the way they conduct and enhance their business processes. GIS Konsult is also partnering with the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE), an international science and education program.


Our Services


In the world of emerging markets, Nigeria is the hotspot for global investment. This market is defined characteristically by its large human population, skilled manpower, abundant natural resources, and a surfeit of entrepreneurial spirit. GIS Konsult is positioned as an industry leader to develop and deploy creative technology solutions for sustainable development.


Having identified a gap in the education sector, GIS Konsult is promoting and implementing a series of activities to mentor, equip, sensitize, as well as stimulate the interest of students and staff of educational institutions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) knowledge, research and innovation across Nigeria for sustainable development.


Our training packages are designed to equip with innovative GIS tools for competitive advantage, data collection, analysis and decision support. With a curriculum developed from a wealth of experience and knowledge of application areas, our Instructor-led and E-Learning training programs are hands-on, self-paced and immersive.



GIS Konsult Ltd is an ESRI business partner that promotes, sells, deploys and supports ESRI software products. Esri is the leading mapping and spatial analytics software for desktop, SaaS and enterprise applications.

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